Perks of Super 8 Rewards Card and Super Bidang Buhay Funfest 2018

Tayong mga mommies, gagawa at gagawa tayo ng way para makatipid sa mga gastusin. Lalo na pagdating sa paggo-grocery. Luckily, our house is near at Super 8 Grocery Warehouse in Commonwealth, Quezon City. If you haven’t heard about it, Super 8 is not your usual grocery store because they sell most of their items cheaper plus HUGE […]

FRESH: Introducing Your Escape to Radiant Skin

MANILA, Philippines—Sephora Philippines, the leading e-commerce beauty retailer, is excited to announce the launch of the Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Rescue Mask. This multi-benefit product is a 5-minute facial in a jar that smooths and resets sluggish skin. The creamy, comforting formula answers skin’s SOS call—saving you from a tired, dull complexion. “By cocooning and […]

[Brachytherapy] A New Weapon Effectively Destroy Cancer + Before and After Photos

It’s a difficult challenge when someone you love suffer from a serious ailment. Even my family had its fair share. My mom was 48 when diagnosed with breast cancer. Five years later, cancer has metastasized to her lungs and heart. She has undergone numerous chemotherapy sessions with high hopes to prolong her life. She has […]

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