Freedom Makeup London PRO HD Brow Palette in Medium Dark [Swatches + Review]

Here’s an in-depth review of Freedom PRO HD Brow Palette in Medium Dark. And because kilay is life, let me share my thoughts about this brow palette by Freedom Makeup London. Freedom Makeup London is one of those affordable makeup brands on the market. Unfortunately, they are not available locally but you can still get them […]

PR: Why do moms need to choose 100% distilled drinking water for their families?

The world knows of the various kinds of mothers: the nurturing mom, the permissive mom, the helicopter mom, the best friend mom, and so on, and despite the differences in parenting styles, only one thing remains true – every mom only has the purest intentions of love to their children. Absolute Drinking Water has been […]

Five Tips to Staying Fit and Healthy at the Same Time

Maintaining a healthy and fit body isn’t always a walk in the park. The little things we do every day contribute significantly to our health goals, whether positively or negatively. But let’s face it, leading a healthy lifestyle is a multi-faceted endeavor that involves making body-conscious decisions every day. There’s no single ‘magic formula’ that […]

Four Reasons to Wear Fashionable Customized Jewellery

  Buying jewellery is not easy. With so many designs and styles, all promising to compliment your current look. For an increasing number of women, customized solutions are the only way to go. If you are like most people, you will immediately be thinking of ridiculously high prices. Yet one can have an engagement ring made […]

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